Our films

Code Title Duration Year Version Price
  The Bois du Cazier, major mining site of Wallonia 02'30'' 2012 FR/EN  
  The Bois du Luc, major mining site of Wallonia 02'46'' 2012 FR/EN  
  The Grand-Hornu, major mining site of Wallonia 01'40'' 2012 FR/EN  
  Blegny-Mine, major mining site of Wallonia 02'31'' 2012 FR/EN  
PATRI49 The Rooftops of Europe 14'13'' 2007 FR/EN 10€
PATRI37 Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai 13'46'' 1999 FR/EN 10€
ARCHE23 The Neolithic mines in Spiennes 10'20'' 1997 FR/EN 10€
PATRI25 The four lifts on the Centre Canal and their environs 20'16'' 1997 FR/EN 10€

Cultura Europa

Founded in 1982 as a social enterprise, Cultura Europa became a nonprofit organisation in 1990.

The organisation promotes the Walloon heritage in Belgium and across Europe. Its aim: To inform people about the many regional and national cultural identities around us, which is essential knowledge towards building a European identity.

Let’s take a closer look at what we mean by cultural identity – what is it?:
• The individual’s social and personal expression that is drawn from his daily-life experiences. These expressions are often reflected in the Arts.
• The knowledge of the past culture gained through daily-life and the understanding of this past. Armed with this self-awareness, he can pass it on to future generations

The activities of the organisation include:

1 / the creation of a visual database of the Walloon heritage and the maintenance of these archives in collaboration with the Public Service of Wallonia (DGO4) since 1990, and with the Walloon Heritage Institute since 2000.
2 / the production of documentaries, CD-Audio, CD-ROMs, DVDs and "CAP's". Each one bears witness to cultural activity in Wallonia: archaeological excavations undertaken, exhibition launches, restoration of paintings, buildings under construction, music recordings, ... These productions are distributed in Belgium as well as beyond its borders.
3 / the promotion of films and the accessibility to archives targetting every sector of the public. This promotion takes the form of exhibitions, projects, graphic design publications and scenography. Another important promotional method is the regular updating of our movie clips on social-media channels, such as: Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

The quality of the organisation’s publications is due to the close cooperation with many specialists in different areas covered. The organisation lends its experience and expertise to many cultural institutions:

• The Walloon Heritage Institute
• The King Baudouin Foundation
• The Royal Institute of Artistic Heritage
• The Provincial Museum of Ancient Arts of Namur
• The Archéoforum Liege

Finally, the organisation supports everyone - archaeologists, teachers, historians, musicians, students, who are willing to share their discoveries and knowledge.

Cultura Europa asbl
Promotion Art et Culture

Rue de la Pépinière 19
5000 Namur

Tél. : +32 (0) 81 22 41 79
Fax : +32 (0) 81 22 00 80
E-mail : info@culturaeuropa.be